We provide many different types of security services, both traditional & non traditional, to Western Ohio. As a local company, we can respond to your needs with individualized quality service at reasonable rates.
 Our management team is local and has many years of law enforcement & security experience. Our employees' backgrounds are rigorously checked, and each employee is personally vetted by the management team. 
We care, and it shows. It shows in the Front Line Security Officer's demeanor. In their appearance and approach to the job. It shows in the compliments of the satisfied client. Our officers go the extra mile. We will do what is necessary to provide professional "Security With A Smile" to the Clients

Service Integrity Confidentiality

Front Line Security’s Privacy Policy:
ORC 4749.13 
 (B) No class A, B, or C licensee, or registered employee of a class A, B, or C licensee shall: 
 (3) Divulge any information acquired from or for a client to persons other than the client or the client’s authorized agent without express authorization to do so or unless required by law;

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